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The main site of the project. Please notice that the project is split into many subprojects whereas each subproject has its own space, website and software lifecycle.

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The Common Service provides essential functionality to deal with Locations, LocationGroups and TransportUnits. An example often referred to is the ability to move a TransportUnit from a Location A to a Location B. Beside this also other secondary resources like TransportUnitTypes or rulesets like the PlacingRule to define what kind of TransportUnit can be put on what type of Location are managed by this service....

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The purpose of the Receiving Service is to handle goods receipts. It offers an API to create incoming orders, so called Receiving Orders (expected receipts). These kind of receipts are announced before goods are received. In contrast, blind receipts are also supported. Those don't require any announcements and allow to capture goods that are not expected to receive....